Anyway to make motors only work as accelerators? IE wont ever lock up

Is this possible? I don’t care about battery regen. I just want to know for sure the motor will never lock up and if it does the wheel will free spin.

Is this possible?

you could add a ratchet to the motor pulley

why do you fear this so much. like the ratchet idea though if need be but really cant you get the setup safe enough that youre not fearing a wheel lockup?

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So if one of my motor wires gets cut, the motor won’t lock up if I check that box?

This is kinda the idea I was going for. I mean we barley get any regen from braking anyway.

That won’t help you if the vesc dies or motor shorts… Make some pulleys with one way bearings… Then of the motor locks the wheel keeps spinning.

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If one of your motor wires gets cut, nothing will stop it from malfunctioning. You need to take precautions to insure that they don’t get cut.

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I think only a mechanical failsafe could prevent lockup from electrical failure

I wanna make the board so safe a 2 year old that weighs 250 pounds could use it.

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Thank you This is what I was looking for

That’s an unachievable goal :yum:

IDK I am going to try.

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not even a normal skateboard is that safe

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Trying to make a training wheel board.

freewheeling pulleys like bicycles cassettes are.

Do they make ones that could work for our application? I found this company Valeo, might have to have custom ones built.

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Dont think there is much call for a non motor breaking board. Someone could have a go at 3d printing a fancy pulley.

Yes just use chain drain and a freewheel. You could also probably put some mechanical brakes on it - failproof

One way bearing in your drive pulleys. Completely free from the stresses of lockup.

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