Anyway to mount enclosure without drilling holes through deck?

I want to preserve my deck and don’t want to drill any extra holes in it. Any ideas on how to mount it?

I was thinking silicon caulking.


Velcro or threaded inserts. Looks much nicer than having a few bolt heads showing on top of the deck but also slightly more effort. Me? I’m a low effort kinda guy and just bolt it right through my nice deck.

for ease of removal and you will be removing it a lot then don’t use silicon. Once its gone off its a bitch to separate and then you’d have to clean the old shit off before reapplying to refit. Use the velcro to secure all your electronics and threaded inserts for the enclosure. The velcro stops everything moving around and offers some vibration protection too. You can’t protect from vibration enough and every failure I’ve had has been down to things working loose.

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