Apple and the Community

Somehow you seem to take EVERY opportunity to bash on Apple.

It runs deep in your veins :joy:


The only thing more certain than death and taxes.


I have a Mac and I love it but I come from a graphic design and photography background and macs are they best for media related stuff. I feel like enertion should have built the Mac software before they released the unity especially if they are putting on the website that it is Mac compatible.

They said that they don’t have cost effective way to work on the software… What??? Maybe just buy a Mac and start building the software because you said there would be a Mac app and Mac software and yet the unity was beta tested without a Mac user being on the bet team and now neglected. @Kug3lis made a Mac tool but I’m not sure it works fully. I went out of my way to build MacOS on a virtual machine that would be totally free and sent a full link to how to do it to @Deodand. Which I understand that he is more focused on the firmware aspect but someone should be able create the software. They have one for the focbox.

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Bash all you want but i love my iPhone. Then again I don’t take pics and really only use it for the web and texting. I keep a laptop to do all my cool shit on :grimacing:


@Deodand Ok this what the only post I made in this thread. And there have been multiple people who have complained about the lack of Mac support on something enertion said would have Mac support. People have linked to @Kug3lis post on the unity thread but even he wasn’t sure it would be perfect. Enertion should not rely on the community to do your work for you.I don’t want to load boobcamp because that is just a workaround and those are just band aids. How can you say that there is a iOS app on the website when there isn’t. I even built and tested out a virtual Mac build thought I was doing a nice thing by sending you the link.

Answer me this why didn’t you send a unity to a Mac user to have a beta test done?

As a developer it makes sense. In order to release an App for IOS/OSX, you need to pay the $100 developer fee a year and that’s on top of getting a Macbook (though an iMac is better for fully focused os development) that’s now $1000+. Sure you could work on a virtual machine for MacOS, but knowing Xcode, it is not going to take it very well. It’s already an annoyance to get it working at natively (damn you playgrounds!).

And this is not anything new. When the VESC Tool first came out, it did not have an OSX version until it was compiled by @rpasichnyk. Same for the Ackmaniac tool. It was up to @rpasichnyk and @Kug3lis to compile it for OSX.


Yes I understand it can be expensive for the average person but they listed it as being Mac compatible and talk about a iOS app and then rely on the community to do your job. But with a virtual machine you can atleast start the work I was able to do coding on the virtual system I did without a issue.

Uh I don’t think you have clue about what you’re talking about. First there is no virtualization for XCode. You are either running it on a Mac or not al all. Second, it’s not in the App Store for licensing reasons.

U see obstacles where it could be opportunity. You could say they’re for him

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You really don’t understand the way the small businesses on the forum operate man. We don’t have infinite resources so we have to focus our attention where it’s needed most. We aren’t doing small bespoke orders, we just shipped out like 500 motor boards in various forms, pretty much on time and the vast majority are working well.

Rather than focusing on that you just have to come complain about a mild inconvenience during an early launch of a product. All of us are working insanely hard to make sure everyone is happy and cared for, so it doesn’t really help when you complain about a problem that already has a workable temporary solution in place. Then other people are nice enough to come in and explain how difficult it is and you just ignore them"This thing here could have been done better". Of course it could have, we are like 4 people making a thing, nobody invested millions of dollars in us to hire a team of app developers. People have just gotten so used to buying things from giant companies they come in with the same expectation from a small business and it just isn’t realistic. There will be a Mac tool. You know what will help us develop/pay for that ios tool? Sales. It’s a chicken and egg problem for startups try and understand.


I meant for the Mac OSX (i don’t believe anywhere in my post i instituated the notion of virtualizating Xcode and only Xcode… hell I mentioned doing so for OSX and then running Xcode from in the same sentence…) I assumed that the entire point of using a Virtual version of the Mac OSX was to developed natively for OSX. You can only do so natively (with swift or Objective-C) via Xcode…which can work with what @briman05 has mentioned.

Agreed? It’s a point I use to answer anytime someone asks why it’s not:

Anyone who can use the search function can easily find out why any variant of the VESC tool is not on The App Stores.

What Im talking about in my post on this thread is the cost it takes to develop for apple officially, the potential annoyance of doing so with a Virtual OSX , and how the community has been compiling OSX software for VESC software for a while.

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L O L no…

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You love to write

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As he should. lol.

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Apple makes wonderful devices but they have that closed market nazi attitude. Fuck Apple. I will never ever buy another thing from them. My sister was willing to give me her iphone for free and i said no thanks. I don’t even want It for free.


I do eventually want to become a writer after all.

Could have sold it and got a pixel

She sold it

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Did she get a pixel? Lol

Apple isn’t even fine for the normal person, becuase their practices make it much more expensive to innovate for consumers, which means we’re being left behind as China pulls ahead because they can innovate quickly and cheaply without the Applecuffs on their hands. Those cuffs are put there by the millions of people who keep buying them as fashion accessories. It’s pulling the entire tech sector down with it, slowly but surely. I just told a customer Friday that if they wanted any apple anything in their new software project, I’m adding 100K to the price and they said they had to because their consumers have iturds. Well, companies innovating in China don’t have these added costs.

Enjoy, your decisions have consequences. I hope you like third-world countries because you’re very slowly turning yours into one each time you give money to apple.