APS 6374 motor - help!

Hi all,

My alien power system 6374 motor was whining at high speed so I tried to dismantle it to clean it.

I didn’t have circlip pliers and I think I have stretched the circlip :weary:

It doesn’t return to the original shape so it won’t hold the motor together :-1:t5:

It’s a 10mm shaft but I don’t know the circlip size.

Can I ‘unstretch’ the circlip ?

Failing that does anyone know the size of the circlip on a 10mm shaft ? The indent for the circlip Is a little smaller than the 10mm shaft.

Thanks :+1:

Try just pinching it together with a pair of pliers, should work fine. Just don’t push it together too much.


Its no special clip, get some of these in a regular homedepot… dont worry (-;

…So why was motor whining ?

Your gonna have plenty of noise at high speed unless your using a Vesc in FOC mode. Wiggle the shat to see if there is excessive play in the bearings. If Not turn the motor by hand and see if it feels smooth or rough. If you have excessive play or it’s rough, replace the bearings. You really should have a hand press for bearing installation. Also check your belts for rocks. They tend to get stuck in there. And don’t over tighten your belts. That can wear the motor bearings out prematurely.