APS 80100 on trampa mountain board

Hi. I am looking to somehow mount 2 aps 80100 to my trampa mountain board. What choices do I have regarding drive? I was looking at etoxx, but it can only take 8085. Then fatboy heavy duty drive needs adjustment of the motor shaft. Aps offer to adjust the shaft. But here I read that they are doing a shitty job with that. Any advice?


I hear the trucks are super wide on the new Lacroix. @Sender @mmaner @DerelictRobot @BallsAndWeiners might know more

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Or @Arch lol

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You send me the motor axles and I will make them 10 mm diameter and keyway .


Ok. What else do need? Adjusted trucks/hangers?

I wrote to you in pm.

E-TOXX chain drive fits APS 80100 motors :


Wow massive motors! Don’t know if I want chains though

Where are you riding? Is it hot where you ride? I have heat issues with the Trampa 6374 160kv.

You can get the etoxx truck extensions in order to move the motor mounts further out from the centre to fit the APS 80100 with the etoxx 80mm gear drives, this is what i did and it works great.

I also got the chain drives but i can’t fit the motors there without modifications. The space between the motor mounts on the chain drive is 235mm and the motors build 120mm each with the 80mm adapter (the APS 80100 is in reality 107mm long).


In my experience both the 8085 and 80100 motors gets warmer than 63xx, even during relaxed riding, i guess they are not very effeciant. Also this setup for me gives an avarage consumption of 25wh/km (30wh+/km when pushing it) compared to 18 wh/km with my 6384 motors on the same board.

Having my VESC’s on the topbox means i have longer phase cables and that may have an impact on the losses i get with theese motors.


Shit, I need to tackle the heat issue somehow. It’s really frustrating.

I’m in the south of France. It’s hot here at the time. No heat problem when riding in the evening (not in te afternoon). It gets less hot than Turnigy ESK8 6374 192KV. Gear ratio 1/3. Massive torque on dirt. Just turn without quitting drifting. A lot of fun.

@JensSjogren : APS 80100 fit E-TOXX chain drive. Look at my photos. Just cut axle, center side, cause yours may be a bit too long (dremel will be your friend). You have to unmount one the vertical panel, then put the motor on the panel, then put the panel with motor on the hanger, next to other motor already mounted).

Untitled Ok it’s a bit tight :smile:

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The aps 80100 get less hot than the turnigy? 6374?

That’s what I’ve seen with mine.

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If you want cool motors, go really low kv and gear for speed, like trampa 118kv won’t really ever get hot. Obviously it limits the speed but if you’re offroading you probably won’t blast at 30mph.

I want torque and speed :joy:

And cool motors :hugs:

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IMO if you prefer torque and speed (= fun) to cold no matter a bit more heat then go for 6374 190KV at the condition you use Lipo (less amps with Li-ions). If you want low KV without spitting at the face of fun then go for 80 mm motors (except APS 8072 that have bad reputation).

Honestly i don’t see a big point in using 80mm motors, i just had to try it out in order to convince myself but the reality is that most of our systems are to weak to utilize the potential of the 80100 motors. Even my board that’s rocking dual Vesc 6’s and a 12s9p 30Q pack

The difference in speed and torque compared to my 6384 130KV motors is just a slight upgrade

80100, 180kv, gearing 1:5, 8" tyres = top speed of 55 kph and slightly better torque than 6384

6384, 130kv, gearing 1:4, 8" tyres = top speed of 50 kph

The cost for this small upgrade will be a heavier board and a whopping 50% (ish) increase in energy consumption. I used to get 60 km+ and now i’m at 40 km per charge, still good range so doesnt bother me that much but if you use a smaller battery you’ll definitly notoce it.

This next statement concerns all the APS motors. Battle harden them and do it good before you use them, otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time