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APS remote refusing to bind/function after crash?

Hi, so I was on my way from the post office when I went through a street that I go through often and what happened is that the remote/board started braking which threw me off at around 25-40km/h. I am fine, just some scratches and stuff, and it seems like the board is fine too. But the remote did not want to bind anymore. This is the second time this has happened to me with the APS 2.4GHz remote and receiver. So I was wondering if anyone had this issue and if there is a solution or maybe a remote that does not do this? Thank you in advance.


we had someone before who´s having problem with this remote. Get a Gt2B or a Miniremote to get the safest bindings :ok_hand:

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I was not able to find any threads related to this but I cant be the first one… Do you have any reliable EU source?

I had the same problem with my APS remote (random braking). I told Bruno on APS this and I got a new one but had to pay the shipping cost. The new one works great. I dont know if it is a problem with the controller or the receiver.

my aps power switch broke in 2 weeks. It did work fine while I used it though. threw it in the trash and just bought a cheap PPM remote. works fantastic.

it was such a waste, wouldn’t buy one until they redesign that awful switch

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What remote are you using. APS have two different ones to my knowledge.

Is it the black and red trigger type remote? image

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@fottaz @esk8 - Mini remote @DavidBanner @okp @e.board_solutions

and i should also have one or two new mini remotes to sell :slight_smile:


@Gromok Yes exactly that one… I will go for winning it looks like

@TarzanHBK Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will have a look later today. :slight_smile:

Do not take the Winning remote! You´ll mostlikely have the same connection issues then! Maytech, Mini or Gt2b (from hobbyking and after that modded with a 3d printed case).

Oh, sorry I meant the mini remote :smiley: the one with the second channel in the wheel I will probably print some alternative enclosure, I am used to trigger style so the winning is a no go anyway.

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