APS sensored motor to VESC!? How to


APS 6374S Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 200KV 3200W

I have no clue how to connect this sensor to the VESC. Anyone know!?

Please use the search function it delivers things like this

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Thanks. I couldnt find that. So what one do I leave out. It doesnt say on that post. The TEMP one? So based on that info, am I presuming that

5v = RED TEMP = BLACK hall1 = GREEN hall2 = BLUE hall3 = WHITE GND = YELLOW

in this APS motor?

Wait… is VESC 5 or 6!? So much confliciting info.

Black/red = power Blue,yellow,green = hall

So thats 5 wires. Is the VESC not 6?

For temp , but most motors don’t actually have a temp sensor so the wire doesn’t go anywhere and it’s not needed for sensors to work

Also it would help to have a picture of the actual connector coming from the motor and not just the wires to confirm :wink: