Apsu, another chinese board company

Apsu board This board retails for $600 Dual 5055s 10s4p battery Unknown esc 29mph top speed Apparently non adjustable belt tension

What do you guys think, a good bang for buck design, or cheap chinese trash? Anybody know what remote this is? Looks pretty sweet

Trying to convince my friend not to buy a boosted board, he’s coming from a meepo v2. I want to present this as a viable option, but dont wanna give bad advice. He rode his friend’s boosted v2 and fell in love with the torque. I want him to go DIY with me, but he is wary

Personally I think that:

Meepo v2 to boosted v2 = OK

Meepo v2 to another “cheap Chinese trash” = Not worth it because it’s pretty much the same thing


With 20r batteries, that thing is going to be extremely underwhelming. At that current rating i highly suspect they are using another crappy Chinese hub motor esc.


Arent 20r rated for a higger amperage than 30q?

They are, but experience serious voltage sag like the 25r.

I get pretty bad voltage sag on my meepo v2 with a 20r pack. Makes sense

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i love this board top speed 29 mph 18 mile range

Anybody want to sell a APSUBOARD I want to buy one

Hello, I recently purchased this board and let me tell you it is way better then a boosted for for its price. It has a Pansonic battery 32BD 10S4P and dual 650 watt belt drive motors so not trash hub motors. The remote has a screen to let you know how fast your going. The remote is also scroll wheel just like boosted has with brakes and buttons for 3 speeds modes and reverse. You can also change the brake mode for stronger breaks or weaker. The top speed said for this board is 29 but I weigh 152 and fly at a top speed of 32 which is breaking my neighborhood speed limit lol. The price listed is 532 but I got a discount so for me was 518. They are easy to talk to so just shoot them a email and say you’ll advertise for them to get a discount and boom. Definently worth the money show ur friend the video below

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have you ever ridden nice hub motors this board is much weaker than some hub motor prebuilts and builds