Arbor axis | dual rear 6374s | 10s | 97mm flywheel clones | ideas needed

New build thread, I’ve got two 192kv 6374 sk3s that i want to mount dual rear, i think the 97mm flywheels give me enough ground clearance to mount one in the reverse position because i would prefer dual rear to dual diagonal. the problem is the reverse motor needs to be further away from the wheels to get past the kingpin. I would really like to use the pulley kit from enertion because i don’t want to have to muck about lathing and bolting a pulley to my wheels, problem is that it only comes with one belt length option of 265mm. I have looked around on ebay and such site for 12mm htd5 belts but electric skateborads seem to be the only use of this otherwise rare witdth. ive looked at and royal supply for belt and they have what i need but I live in New Zealand which means $5 belt with $58 shipping. 15 mm belts seem more common so my question is can i run 15mm belt on ernertions 12mm pulley with 3mm hanging off the side without issues? can i pop the belt on a beltsander and take 3mm off? what about 3d printing

9mm belts seem more common but as you might be able to tell from my dual 6374s my build philosophy is over engineer everything.

Any suggestions are welcome even if they’re weird or not too practical, i’d love to hear them

also i have some battery questions, should i ask them here or start a new thread? (sorry new here)

Decided to fork the battery questions to a new thread High charge rate batteries and VESC
just some questions about using high charge rate batteries to make the most out of regen braking for long steep descents

In theory you can use the enertion pulley , that pulley have to be at least 15 mm wide to allow for belt play.

You should contact enertion to confirm the actual width.

If you’re going reverse mounting, don’t get enertion mounts as they only fit one way. Torqueboards v4 mount should work well. As for belt size the way I see it. 15mm is perfectly fine for a single drive. A dual setup running 9mm has 18mm total to work with so I don’t see a problem running 9’s in a dual setup, but if you can find the right pulleys and belts for larger, why not! Just keep in mind some belt sizes are harder to find. I definitely wouldn’t run a larger belt on a smaller pulley though. Running a larger pulley than belt should be fine however.