Arbor Axis Maple | APS 6374 240kV | TB VESC | 8s 6Ah LiPo | TB Single Mount Kit | Caliber II 50s | Abec 83mm | APS Remote

Update: So the v1 enclosures did not work out very well…I tried some excess polyester cloth I had to wrap the enclosures. Polyester cloth weave is too tight for the resin to soak through sufficiently. I wasn’t completely impressed with the design so back to the drawing board.

On a good note, I got the VESC programmed with @Ackmaniac’s modified BLDC tool. Settings show to work on the bench and I have communication with the Bluetooth through his app as well. I can’t wait to get the electronics enclosed so I can take this thing for a spin.

Happy Holidays to everyone, be safe out there!

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love the axis, it’s my next build as well! @dunkirk sells enclosures that would suit.

Thanks! Yeah I love the design of the board, and hate to cover the graphics. I actually messaged him yesterday after starting on v2 of my enclosures.

Yeah the graphics are really cool. I’m going for a low flat enclosure so they’ll be lost :frowning: Am thinking of hydrodipping the enclosure for a similar colour scheme.

Update on reliability of using this BMS? I’m also interested in using a hobbyking BMS and bypassing discharge since batterysupports won’t be shipping again till march…