Arbor Deck / Dual 6355 190kv / 12s2p / 97 abec 11 / $1100! complete build for sale

dang was gonna take them if they were :rofl:

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I can totally see a 100$ upcharge for a working out of the box Board. Just because its “plug and play” does not mean everyone can plug and play it right lol


I’ll take the free enclosure and pay shipping

Got a Kaly board coming in this week. Need to sell this board or part it out. Willing to let it go for $1100

Hi there is the parting out just on the $1100 build?

I’m not opposed to part with anything right now so what are you looking at?

I have a Kaly 2 in 1 coming so I’m willing to sell just about anything right now because I don’t want to have 4 boards. I can’t ride them enough nor do I have enough boys to come over daily to shred with. So I’m going to just keep 2 in the end

Do you have a parts list of the 12s4p board?

This was the base build, I’ve added a few things like he benchwheel remote and other little things since

Thanks man, do you know what cells are being used in the battery from TB?

25R i believe

Samsung 30q

Just sell it locally, a lot easier than here and no one will complain abut the peice or anything


would you take $30 out the door for the benchwheel remote?

I pmd you about:

TB 6374 190kv TB 12s4p battery TB 218mm trucks TB motor mount pulley kit 16/36 abec Photon Remote

Replied to your PM.

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Depending on if both my builds are about to sell then yes

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