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Arbor James Kelly (2015)/enertion R-SPEC/VESC/space cell/ wood theme

This build is very similar to my last, so I’m really only going to touch on what’s changed/the important stuff…

first, here’s the specs: single enertion R-SPEC VESC Space cell enertion motor mount wooden case (yet to be made) arbor James Kelly pro model (love this deck!!!) caliber “raw” trucks abec flywheels

For anyone wanting a VESC, and bummed out that Enertion’s next batch isn’t until late November/early December, just buy one from @chaka

Props to him, because the quality looks amazing, the heat shrink and pre soldered everything keeps people like me from shorting it out (seems to be an issue lately just based on the recent threads…). Plus, he throws in both sides to the bullet connectors and xt60! If you want different connectors, he will change them to whatever you like too. You might think all this costs more than an enertion VESC, but it actually is $10 less, lol.

Definitely worthy of a shoutout.

I have an enertion VESC on the way though, so I’ll make a comparison thread with some more detailed pics when that shows up.

I’ll just update the rest of the build as a start actually putting on components, and making the case… hopefully this weekend.

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Nice build, and great quality pics. Where did you get the red rspec? I thought it only came in blue.

The first batch got the colors wrong I believe. Maybe on day when electric skateboards are more popular they will be valuable as colecters items being one of the fisrts r spec motors :wink:

haha yep, @locktight has it right .

first batch was red by mistake (you know Jason, he always does everything in blue), but it sold out quickly so now you just see the blue ones.

for example, I believe @sl33py has two red ones as well… not totally sure though.

if I ever go dual motor on this build, it will look pretty strange… maybe I’ll just have to wait until red becomes a collector edition, and then sell it to buy two blue ones :wink:

ohhh i like that deck too. that wood grain is nice. i bought an arbor genesis 44 with that wood grain top for my ex gf and it was sweet too. i like arbor boards.

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Sweet deck! And I love the idea of the shrink-wrapped VESC @chaka - With the way the caps can move around, a shrinkwrapping seems like a really slick way to keep it safe. Looks like an awesome build!


agreed- @chaka’s VESC with the shrink wrap is the bomb. It keeps me from shorting it out like I did with my first one from enertion’s older batch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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