Arbor James Kelly Pro Model Build! | space cell | VESC | 190kv | #wood |

Please suggest a name too… I just can’t decide, lol

It’s been a while since I first started talking about this build, but now that I finally have all the parts, here’s the finished product! :wink:

I meant to start this thread in the beginning of the build, and document the process, but I just got lazy…

The partz: Arbor James Kelly Pro Model Abec 11 flywheels Caliber II “raw” trucks Space Cell VESC Enertion Motor mount Enertion 190kv 6355 GT2B remote

First, check out my “how to take apart a space cell and void your warranty” here:

That was how I removed the display, charging port, and power button and built them into the case- it’s a relatively easily mod for those who want to take their build even further with flush mounted buttons and stuff.

Step 1- deck!

basically chose it because if you haven’t figured it out by now, I like wood :grin:

Step 2- hacking + enertion stuff hacking the space cell, as seen in the thread above motor: mount:

step- VESC getting a VESC from @chaka, who I highly recommend doing business with

Now here is where the fun begins…

I just want to say right off the bat that I did not make this wood case- I know a carpenter quite well, and he is a woodworking genius. Long story short, after showing him the project I was embarking on, he offered to build the box that I specified. He also said he was up for doing more in the future so this might be my source of boxes on coming projects… that is, until I buy an X-carve that I want so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is what he made for me (I am so grateful because I don’t think I could have pulled off something this good!)

from there, I laid out the components, and got to work making sure everything fit

Then to stain the top lid. I stained it maple, which is what I thought would be closest to the arbor deck. I obviously don’t have the same wood, and the grain is much less intense, but the color is as close as it can get.

this picture is a couple minutes after the first coat of stain. I ended up doing two. I then sealed it with a couple coats of polyurethane, and light sanding between coats. Embedding the peripherals and using some clear caulk to seal them up.

Now just some final product photos! I want to put a logo on the top of the enclosure at some point, but I just don’t know what it’ll be…

I will switch over to the new CF motor mount and re-route the wires around the back of the truck once I’m done with my science fair solar eboard- Won first place with it, and am moving on for those who were wondering about that too…

If you have any questions just post’em up! I’m really loving the two tone wood theme :smile:


Looks nice! Is there any protection on the lighter wood? Or is it raw?

Congrats on first place! Wood enclosure’s look super nice.

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How about the electric cabinet! No hmmm… maple marauder! No no … lets call it woody! Yup woody is my vote.

Yep, the lighter wood got the same protection- the whole enclosure is sealed, but I can open it by unscrewing the maple lid.

Very nice! Like the all-wood look.

is it grip tape on the top? can we get a pic? i hope it is wood grain with the arbor spray grip!

I wish arbor put their signature clear grip and wood top, but for al their downhill boards it’s just some standard griptape:

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I want wood on the top

you know you are going to have to pull that grip off and put clear grip on now.

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Haha I do happen to have some clear griptape from @longhairedboy… so that may just happen!

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is that a ripstick i see. that gets me thinking what would happen if you slapped a motor on one of those.

haha believe me I’ve thought about it! @locktight

I would be scared. Lol

@cmatson that grip tape is terrible. It’s covered in a grid of pinholes and never wants to let go of bubbles. I’m totally tossing it and using liquid from now on because my deck art doesn’t come through well enough.

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Well … the cheapest way is to smash a glass bottle up and mix it in with some polyurethane varnish. edit please be really careful doing this though… getting some in your eye or your hands really sucks.

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@kai I totally using my Mexican Coke bottles to make grip now. I should have thought of that a long Ike ago!


Haha well, then I guess I won’t be using that clear grip after all :smile:

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Wow this looks awesome! You should send a pic of this to Arbor. I bet they would get a kick out of the dedication to to the wood look

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I second @siggs3000 motion to send this to arbor. It’s absolutely beautiful!