They’re finally here, almost… After tons of revisions and random shit, buying access to a tormach, plasma cutter, etc, I’ve decided that outsourcing will be the most cost effective way to produce these in decent numbers. There’s no way in hell I can sit for 3 hours per set of hangers and mounts.

Anyways, they feature: Removable 10mm Axles Full Square Profile for Easy, Bulletproof Mounts 250mm of Hanger space for dual 6384s Adjustable Angle Baseplates Stepped Bushing seats to Accept Almost Any Bushing on the Market Adjustable Bulletproof Motor Mounts **Fits in Standard Caliber 2 and Paris Baseplates

Here’s the catch, I dont have a truckload of money sitting around to get this started by myself, so I need you. The price would be $200 per set of hangers + 2 motor mounts if we can get 25 people together. If were able to get more, the price will only get lower.

Thanks for reading.

For the mods: I wont be collecting any money through this site, it will be collected through my own site.

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why the 10mm axles when all the good bearings are 8mm?

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theyre long. it gives the least risk of snapping or bending. these hangers are built for extreme abuse. I can look into 8mm if its what you guys want.

1 more thing, those prices are for raw aluminum. color and different finishes can be had if youre willing to pay the price.


Definetly go with 10mm, but check with the manufacturer if you can have it stepped down to 8mm for 35mm on both sides of the hanger.

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will do.


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I am not interested in $200 hangers unless they fit into Avenue suspension base plates…Torque 218mm hangers fit into Caliber and Randal already and can rock dual big motors, and they work fine, two trucks under $100…what problem is being fixed here for $200? If you are going for precision, then why stick them in crappy non-precision base plates?

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youre right. adjustable baseplates will be included for in the $200 price.

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the only advantage or want I can see from these is having like 3-4mm of rake, and I don’t even see that included…

adjustable angle base plates adds some value, but it must be done correctly or else it just adds a new place for failure in an already robust system. Not to mention fixed useful angles are much more robust and lightweight. Adjustable sounds great till you realize you will adjust them for a day, find the right angle and never change it again for the setup…hence fixed angles or a few options is better, and cheaper…and lighter and won’t break as easily…


i considered adding rake to these, but then the cost skyrockets. precision trucks with rake are insanely expensive

You lost me entirely…I cannot for the life of me think of how a tiny adjustment in your model would result in skyrocketing cost…offset the axle from the pivot line by 4mm and you have rake, it’s not like you are gold plating them or anything…where does extra cost come from when moving the axle 4mm to one side or the other?


I assume the cost comes from the fact they will be cut from plate to start with not cnc machined, so Greco has the axle centered in the material, still could offset but will need thicker plate…

youre just talking offsetting the axles? cause that can definitely be done

I was under the impression you meant this:

cause that requires 5 axis milling and much thicker stock.

First post indicates motor mounts are included, which helps the value proposition quite a bit.

fresh new truck designs are scary though. many fancy trucks have not held up to skater abuse in their early iterations.

Let’s see pics of the mounts!

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You’d have to offset the axles and make one bushing seat higher or lower then the other…if you offset the axle on that… otherwise you end up with -4 /+4…

You want 0/3 or 0/4…

So y’all with the more aluminum… no…just offset the bushings seat.

Like a Paris truck? Cause offsetting the bushing seat is logical. Offsetting the axle isn’t.

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Yea like Paris trucks. And yea I meant cause and effect. Sorry. Offset bushings seats to offset the axle…

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