Arc Boards Fusion Drive

Just caught this…

Wondering if any of their pre built boards are out there yet

Yep they released two Kickstarters, the penny board and their Aileron V1. Both were belt drives. Now they’re working on their Fusion drive which is a gear drive and having an upgrade option for those who have their belt drives. Check their Instagram at @arcboardsev

Yeah, I meant builds running the fusion drive. Wanted to see what the reports were.

Probably not as those two links were only on the discord as far as I know.

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Wish they were helical gears. Kind of noisy

Wish they were 5055 (or using 218mm Trucks for 6374’s) to make it dual on the same truck

oh what size are they?

link doesn’t give motor specs.

50 actually… maybe the drive itself is too large for dual.

my understanding is that it’s a dual diagonal

Diag has it’s urks, it makes a build easier to have it on one truck as opposed to have them Diagonal. It’s a pain on Flexy decks that’s for sure.

Do you have any references for this?

it’s just matter of wiring, If you’re going Boosted Style, You have to figure a way to make the front motor wires reach the the ESC in the back (you could put one esc in the battery pack , but you would have to compromise on battery and bms space.) realistically, Diags are more practical on builds where you can place the esc anywhere (either a stiff deck with an integrated space or long enclosure).

So for flexy deck’s where you’re trying to avoid having an enclosure that expands the length of the deck, it complicates and already imperfect system.

There’s also talk of loss of traction control and what not but people debate all the time whether its a big deal.

I don’t have a reference since this isn’t something thats been explored (from what I’ve seen) due it’s obvious impractically (not that it cant be done, but more so why do it when you can be more efficient with minimal wire management)

I don’t think that a dual diagonal is all that complicated. There are enough 4wd set ups out there which follow the same wiring patterns, minus a motor on each side. The arc aileron finix is a dual diagonal btw (at least I think it is)

It’s not in the regards of whether or not it’s complicated because that all depends on how you wire things. It’s all in regards to compromise. You have to compromise when you do dual diag in terms of having a stiff deck vs a flex deck since flexy decks limits where you can place and Encolsures and as such where you can place ESC’s. It’s a matter of : Why complicate things with dual when you really don’t have to.

That’s more a matter of taste. If you want speed, don’t get a flexible deck.

Were not talking about speed here, were talking about Drive train set ups. Dual Diag forces compromise while Dual Rear does not (if were talking in reagrds to 218mm Trucks)

218mm sounds like a compromise if you want to use caliber trucks :slight_smile:

there’s only one vendor

My Aileron V2 with the Fusion Drive should be shipping this weekend or the beginning of next week. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it is when it gets here! :nerd_face: