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Arca board, what do you think?

I saw this video on YouTube

Pretty cool concept. What are your guys thoughts?

looks legit…

20 grand to float a foot off the ground for 6 minutes at a time? Those people are insane… I was seriously waiting for someone at the end of the video say that this is some sort of parody… but it’s not lol.

Pass on the flying matress

I’m impressed that someone has actually made a hover board. as opposed to all the “so called” hoverboards we have seen up until now.

and lets not forget what the early motorised skateboards looked like

they weren’t always the sleek sexy things we ride today…

I’ll be impressed when a so called hoverboard can do anything even resembling how a skateboard performs. All of the iterations to date have been CLOWN SHOES.

Early E skates didn’t look anything like that mountainboard either. Look up Exskate.

the picture I found may not be technically correct, (just something found on google) but it certainly represents those clown shoes you speak of.

what I am trying to say is everything has humble beginnings.

Yeah, I hear ya’! But that’s an emtb. Probably about a year old. And mountainboards aren’t clown shoes. They’re bad ass!

This though? Not so much this is a win

“Slightly bigger than a skateboard” lmao

It’s a good concept but 20 grand is a bit high… Edf jets attached to a foam box with a bunch of 18650 cells and some gyros and controllers. Doesn’t take much

why havent anyone tried r/c jet engines for hover board ?

my next rig will have a set of these for emergency turbo boost when i need it.

i think i can fit two or three of them on the back under the tail.