ArcaMini (Copy of Bolt's idea?)

Seems like they tried to copy the portability aspect of the Bolt board… but personally I think this thing just looks kinda weird. It would be impossible to ride with big feet or any speed.

Any thoughts?

I’d rather not skateboard a binder…


True… and a 700$ binder at that

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you have to give it to them $700 for a piece plexiglass as a deck, i need to get into this business :poop:

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I will say though, the 4 wheel drive thing is pretty cool… if the top speed wasn’t 12 MPH

I dont think it is a copy of anyones idea though. Bolt was a good idea that didnt take off.

Bolt didn’t take off? I thought they were starting to deliver to those who ordered on indiegogo

I havent heard of them in a long while. But i also didnt keep tabs on them.

Maybe it’s the neon colors, maybe it’s the skateboard wheels, or maybe it’s because the commercial reads more like an ad for skincare products. :raised_hands:

Is it just me or is them at thing super prone to wheel bite? It looks like the wheels are practically on touching the board.

It’s also sucks to have no concave, and a square on top of that? Anyone could make that deck without even cutting any thing. It’s way too slow also, not my type of board.

These are the same guys who made that hoverboard the size of a mattress. I’m like 90% sure they are trolling at this point.

“Trapper Keeper, ready to absorb”

It looks like that thing steers by varying wheel speed on either side, no? Seems more interesting as a steerable rc beer caddy than a skateboard. They should call it a SYFBOARD, cause that’s what it looked like those people were about to do the whole time. I wonder what the hell else this company makes. Pancake shaped rockets? Friggin’ weird.

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I have seen worse things on wheels. This can go from human transportation, to beer caddy and racing gadget. :slight_smile:


How would you even turn and why dont they do this with a penny board??? No one in their right mind would buy this!

Maybe they got the idea from this :D.


Or from the walk car, these are pretty cool.

Guys check it out. Its Acton’s new board for $350 dollars. Thats a good deal to be pretty honest.

I saw that… I’m confused as to why they would make a board that’s both longer and weaker than the old one when their whole campaign was fast transportation in a relatively small board

I think this board was focused on its hub motor so it will function like a skateboard.

This is funny and it’s the cheapest 4x4 skateboard/platform on the market, so fuck @jacobbloy’s expensive 4WD hub-motor-kit, he has no chance agains this experienced space company :smiley: