Arcboards - Fusion drive (gear drive)

@ArcBoardsEV in Singapore just came out with a new drivetrain for their boards So I’ve seen these drivetrains before, especially the ones by @Kug3lis and Jedboards.

What are the advantages of these kind of drivetrains?


I dunno how much more efficient they are but what happens of a tiny pebble flies between the gears? Can’t trust a motor cover entirely. :face_with_monocle:

I don’t think tiny pebbles are a problem. The way the motor is mounted towards the front of the board will also have the gears turning outward toward the road, ejecting any pebble out. And from experience in robotics with gears, pebbles usually just get tossed out even when they fall into the in-turning side.

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Oh yea that’s right.

Those gears look really tight, are you sure? I feel like either the motor either gets pulled away or the pullies take damage.

The metal gears don’t have enough grip to suck the pebble in. Tighter gears actually means that it has less chance of grabbing onto a rock since it has less room for them to get stuck in.

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What if it’s just small enough to fit? Would it not be enough to cause a cog of some sort?

The likelihood is negligible, especially with the gears spinning out toward the road + a good enclosure. The enclosure will probably already be enough


I was talking about away from the road but good to know. :kissing_heart:

that is a baaaaaaaaaad idea

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This motor mount actually looks pretty good. i want a compact direct drive like this that fits skate wheels :slight_smile:

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Meh. People on this forum do much better things.

That huge ass module of those gears is making me shiver. Could have made a higher reduction ratio.


Been riding on an open gear drive setup on an 8:44/1 ratio for over a year… Gears (in my opinion) are the strongest drive system and have the least rolling resistance of any ratioed drive setup. The high ratio allows for smaller more efficient more powerful high Kv inrunners motors. Had paper napkin get sucked into the gears once. No other instances of pebbles rocks twigs or any of that…


What pitch gear is that? Are they both steel?

Mod.8 or 32p. Steel on steel

Thanks 10 char

that system is godlike. did you cnc the gears? if not, where did you get them from? It looks like it’s relatively easy to install, I just have to make a custom motor mount. I’ll mount them on some flywheels or trampa gummies though. Maybe later get some rubber from you

What about the noise? Do you have a video of them running? Looks or pretty cool!

@DAddYE Noise vids: 1rst vid mod1.5 2nd mod.8 (32p) 3rd mod1.5

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I have one of the Arcbox Finix prototype setups in single and dual drive setup and they do certainly work very well. Very, low rolling resistance equates to very good efficiency and range. I can skate it just like a normal skateboard too

This video is quite old, there are some updates to it so far that are not shown including full CNCed aluminum belt cover to prevent rocks etc flying in

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