Arcing sound coming from charger?

Hey all, just went to plug my board into my 600W that’s been working perfectly since I bought it a few months ago but tonight it wouldn’t charge my board.

It’s got a green light on it that is usually solid when the charger is on but disconnected from a battery or the battery is fully charged. Instead, it was just constantly flickering.

I could hear an arc coming from inside the enclosure so I opened the top to see if I could see where the sound was coming from although unfortunately it wasn’t particularly obvious, although I have a feeling that the sound is coming from near the 240V-36V transformer. I tried turning all the lights off to see if I could see any sparking but still no luck.

On the odd occasion when I turn the charger on, the green LED with flicker for a little bit and then turn solid green and the arcing sound will stop so it certainly just seems like there’s a dodgy connection somewhere.

I’m waiting to hear back from the AliExpress seller but I would very much appreciate any input from anyone who’s a little more experienced with AC-DC power supplies :slight_smile: Here’s a few photo’s of the internals along with a video of the noise:



It’d be wise to discontinue using this, even if you can get it to work again. Charging lithium cells is dangerous and it’s very important everything is working correctly. I would not risk a building fire just to save the cost of 1 charger