Ardino controlled eSk8 (dual motor no leaning to turn) (JUST AND IDEA)

Ok, This is just an idea I do not know if this is possible or if it would work very well, I just wanted to share my idea and see if we could brainstorm.

Instead of leaning to turn you will have a joystick that can go forward, backwards, left and right. so if you wanted to turn left you push left on the joystick and that will send a signal to the Arduino that will slow down the left motor so the right motor is dominant and depending on how far you push the joystick is how sharp it turns.

you will obviously need 2 motors and for them to be in the front of the skateboard. and solid trucks.

I don’t know if this idea has already been made or shared (apoligies if it has) but I think it is quite interesting and if I was to make it I would need to do a lot more research and thinking on how it would work.

If you have ever longboarded in your life you would know that this idea would end up with terrible injuries

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Never long boarded :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: could you explain why it is a bad idea?

I’ve only ever used small 27" skateboards.

Its physics, when you lean, you turn the board and the board gets you back to standing position, like try to lean while standing up not on a longboard, youd fall. And if the board turns and you dont lean, you would get thrown off your board the other way

Skateboards dont turn as much as longboards and go as fast as them so you dont lean that much when turning, get your first set of longboard trucks and try to carve and youll know what im talking about

Ohhh yeah. maybe theres some way around it like strapping in your feet. I really like the idea of turning with a remote. maybe you could leave the leaning in trucks

If I ever get longboard trucks ill let you know how I get along with it :joy:

Then youll need a extremely heavy longboard and might aswell weld your feet on the deck lol, have you ever ridden a car and when the car turns you feel like youre being pushed the other way, thats the same on a longboard

Haha, ik what you’re talking about now. what if you do it on a shorter skateboard will that make a difference

That wouldnt make a difference as long as you turn, traditional skateboard trucks barely turn, and the way most people turn on a skateboard is that they use the kicktail and its only used at low speeds,

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differential steering (i think that’s what it’s called?) doesn’t work on 4-wheeled vehicles unless the non-drive wheels slip when you turn.

Please leave your desk. Get out. Search for a skate/longboard. Try it. Ask again.

Yeah if this idea did work, then a single drive board simply wouldn’t work as you’d constantly be turning. Also when you lean on either a skateboard or Longboard the trucks physically turn the wheels to the left or the right and that’s how you turn.

Or a 5km/h catapillar board, then everything would be fine and a really good idea!

I know this is an old post but would something like these work for the rear wheels?