Arduino Based Waterproof Remote. All files included

So I am building an electric hydrofoil, but so far the components are the same as in an eskate. I built my own waterproof remote and so can you. The instructable contains all the parts and code needed.


This is cool but tell me some more about the hydrifoil!

I need to look in to these in more detail, it’s only really started on my mind since getting into esk8

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It’s interesting. I hope to see more tests. thank you for your sharing.

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If there’s anything I don’t need more of, it’s things that look like guns in my hand. Here in the USA, police will shoot you.


The only thing im wondering is does it have a brake?

This remote is anyways a good remote for hydrofoil but if it doesnt have a brake function it is maybe a little bit more dangerous for electric skateboards

still thank you for sharing, it looks like an awesome remote!

Much more information is herehere, but I am happy to answer any questions.

Rest of the build videos:

Very true. I guess this is more for the European market.

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It doest have a break yet. I don´t need one, but you could use one of the two buttons at the top to act as a break. You could also program it so it breaks if you pull the trigger all the way. Like a panic function. I know some climbing equipment has that. If you push the lever all the way, it also breaks. Good for noobs.

Braking when trigger is all the way in? Hell no. This is basically the landmine. In the moment of most acceleration board can go full brakes.

Button switch for braking is hella bad aswell. No control on power of the brakes.

One remotely decent way - button switching the trigger from accelerating to braking and vice versa. But still this is not a solid design.

Face breaking aside, I think the intention here was just a concept we could use or expand on.

We’re all too hostile!


I agree, its not perfect for breaking, you could however change the trigger assembly and make it spring both ways for forward/break.

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