Arduino spotwelder

anyone have a spot welder that i can take off your hands prefer U.S base , I said arduino because it’s the most cheap and reliable one in the market. missed out on the hummies chance on the spot welder.

@aulakiria will have his at your door in about a week.

check the boss spot welder thread

yeah that’s the specific one I was looking for but was hoping someone in the U.S had one all ready that no longer needed it

Make sure you burn your own house down. Don’t set a fire at the CarvOn warehouse or you’ll have a very angry mob after you!

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A MOB!!!??? Does that mean fighting? I love to fight!! Done boxing for 1 year with my cousin and jujitsu(none Brazilian) for 6 years but then our master had to leave and move back to his country. I’ll take that into "consideration " :wink::wink:

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:joy: mobs are slightly harder to fight off. From that thread it would be 1 vs 30.

Why not just get those Sunkko ones?

portability I guess you could say, just 30 ? with my tanto it should be eassssyyy​:joy::joy::rofl:

Should just buy boss welder. Super good deal

Tanto? As in knife? What are gonna go mount it on your board and send it towards people? Enough of the off topic banter. If anyone has an Adrino spot welder, Reply.

I guess if you really need to travel with a welder. Personally I hate hauling my build stuff around. Which I do often because of the work space I have at the office. But It sucks when you forget a part. I like my station to stay in one place if possible.

at this rate , I’ll end up buying the arduino welder from eBay , what about tanto direct drive ? spining blade for the win

@uigiroux Will sell his unit

I will, though I need to build my battery pack first, but when I finished if someone wants it just send me a PM :smile:

your late I already ordered it from him and it’s shipped nooo, I have to wait 1-2 months no one messaged me ugh. it’s what ever sorry @uigiroux had you told me earlier I would have waited for it .

No worries, I still need it anyway, I was just saying I’ll be selling it when I’ve finished building my battery pack.

I can sell a Adruino Spot welder Kit v1. Needs to get assembled though

How is the assembly process pretty str8 forward. My wall spot welder has abysmal performance :frowning:

It has a great documentation and through holes for easy soldering. i just did not get the time and needed to buy some last parts (metal plate, some terminals, …). Now i need a spot welder and tried to sell the unused/unassembled kit and just buy a prebuilt. more expensive but faster :smiley:

if you are interessted i can check the part list and my bills. would be nice to get what i paid :slight_smile: shipping will be around 10€ international