Arduino to VESC problem

Arduino to VESC problem. I am running an Arduino through a VESC. When I program and run a twist throttle through the VESC ADC the motor runs properly. When I run the Arduino through the VESC RF receiver I have no way that I can remember to set the PWM parameters in VESC Tool. I have tried to input some limits, but the closest I get is the motor will stutter and then run at high speed. The PWM signal from the Arduino is programmed to increase and decrease motor speed for a few seconds, every few seconds. I had this up and running a few years ago with a previous VESC and BLDC, but for the life of me I cannot remember how to set the RF input parameters for the Arduino in the wizard set up in VESC Tool. Am I going to need to write a small Arduino program to run the auto tool in VESC? Help.