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Arduino Voltmeter

HI Guys, I bought a lot of things for my skate but forgot the Voltmeter and I want to make one now with a Arduino, I don’t found anything about it on the forum and I want help of you, How Would I do It? I could be a Voltmeter Like This One too

There is very little point by using an Arduino. You’ll have to use a voltage divider. The Arduino can only read up to 5v on its pins.

Yeah, but there are Voltage Modules for arduino that reads to 25v, a 6s battery have it

you could use something like one of these:

Yes, but it support the Current?

id go with the 90A or 180A choice, 90A should be fine for a 6S setup I think. Single motor?

Yeah, I think so, If u use vesc you can change your battery current to lower than 80a