Are all bluetooth controller same?

i am getting the Meepo. seems some people dont like the controller because of the limited distance of the throttle and braking. hence you accelerate too fast or brake too sudden. can i get an alternative controller like Yuneec or Boosted? will it sync? is there a universal remote that works with any boards?

unless you change out the receiver, no it won’t work. But you can’t change just the receiver with the Meepo so you have to change out the esc as well.

Most transmitters come with receivers and most escs can be connected to receivers that use ppm or pwm for getting the signal from the receiver. Like jinra said though some escs will have the receiver baked in in which case you have to replace everything.

i see… so now the trick is finding out which is in the Meepo or have Kieran tell us. i have reached out to him and waiting for a response too