Are all multistar not glued?

Ive had the smaller multistar pack, around 5ah 6s, and the cells weren’t glued together. I’ve heard from other people they also got multistar with no glue. How bout you? How bout this big cell?

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The cells are not glued which is nice in my application because I like to take them apart.

Pretty small for a 10ah 6s. I guess because they have a super low discharge rate. They’re smaller than my 8ah 6s zippy packs

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Have u ever opened up these particular 16ah packs? They’re weak cells but with 12s and 16ah I think they’ll be good

No I never ordered that

Awesome pack! I have over 200 cycles on mine and even dropped to 3.0 volts once. Still fine. Not sure if glued though

I wouldnt call 10C constant with 20C peak weak. That like 160A constant discharge with 320A peak. Much more curren than a skateboard should need.

Compare that to my zippy 5000s (which apparently arent weak) which are 100A constant.
How is 160A weaker than 100A?

Edit. Sorry didnt mean to derail the thread… but my 10000 multistars were not glued.

Yea not weak with so many ah. Shouldn’t continue their weak sauce stereotype. So far everyone’s are not glued. These cells are huge. Want to do a version similar to what I think u or someone here did with resoldered cells. Making a deck to go with them. See how slim I can get these.

Do u have the 16ah pack? If so… Could u try sliding a credit card up a bit on the end and see? It could make or break this plan

I would but my packs are sealed up in my abs case. I sealed the outside to make it watertight so removing it would be a pain

I think I will dive in.

I think the cells are splittable with a credit card if need be anyway. Right? someone? I don’t want to do that though

the difference between the 16ah and the 10ah is that the 16ah actually has parallel groups going on (hence the 6s 2p) while the 10ah only has single cells (6s1p). So I’m interested to see if they glued the parallel cells. I’m also curious how they layered the cells with wiring the parallel and serial cells. This is because I am interested in buying the 6s2p packs to slim down instead of making my own 18650 packs (which requires purchasing a spot welder).

That’s my plan as well. It’s 2p but strangely is almost the same size as the 12ah pack that’s 6s as well. How this is possible or if it’s a misprint I’d like to know.

About weak sauce though and 160amp possibility…these cells as well as most lipo have exaggerated c ratings.

Yes they are removable with a credit card. I use a plastic protractor because of the curve it has. Makes it easier to cut the double sided tape holding the cells together

there is no glue anywhere in the 16Ah multistar packs. I repacked one not too long ago to fit in my 6S rat board.

i ever did a thread to discuss if it really was weaksauce or if it was the perfect commuter pack. I top out at 25mph on it and it has a range of over 20 miles. Not slow 20 miles either, like 18-20mph 20 miles which is ideal for a commute.

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Good to hear. Thank you. Could u do me another favor and please tell me if the dimensions they post are correct? Strange that the size is almost the same as the 12ah

i didn’t measure the pack before i split it open and laid it out side by side, but IIRC the dimensions were accurate. That is to say it wasn’t longer or shorter or thicker than expected.

Thanks . How they get 4 more ah into practically the same shape is surprising. I’ll be buying two myself

i think they are limiting the discharge rate somehow. its full of sorcery that i don’t understand.

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The 12ah is not glued. But if you split the lipo, the battery tabs are aluminum and cannot be normally soldered. You need aluminum flux and solder. The balance wires might be too short too.

yeah i did have a hard time soldering them… even with a 75 watt iron. but it is doable, i did it, and i did it with real lead + tin flux core solder.