Are anti spark switches necessary?

So I know that there is a lot of forums about this topic, but are they really necessary? I am using a toggle switch with a rating of 15A and 250V and I have it directly connected to my battery and my VESC-X. I’m using 2 3s 20c zippy’s in series. I’ve been riding this for probably 30 miles so far, and I have had zero problems turning it off and on. No visual sparks, or anything like that. Am I really dumb for having this set and using it for so long? I want to get an antispark switch, but I don’t want to spend $50+ on just a switch. Heres a picture of what I have:

Your 15A switch is essentially acting as a fuse, I would advise against using it as the current limit is way too low. You can instead build a loop key if you want something on the cheap.


Alright, thanks Jinra. I’ll do that. One other question: Do you need to use XT90’s for the loop key or can you get by with XT60’s?

I personally just just my negative connected and use a 5.5mm bullet connector that sticks out of my board for the positive. You get a big spark, and it eats away at your connectors, but it won’t damage your focbox.

The xt90 loop key is the best solution though for cheap.

Does it have to be a XT90 not a XT60?

You can use XT60’s, but there’s an antispark XT-90s you can readily buy

Alright thanks for the help. I found some on amazon that I’ll probably get.

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Jinra i just purchased a focbox and don’t want to short it out and I am new to electric builds. Can you upload a picture of how your wire setup is?

This is how I do loop keys (for dual vesc builds) @Kempo1.



thank you. I have a single motor so i will give it a go today. i fried out 2 xt60 connectors already this week because i didnt have an anti spark connector in my board thats only 5 months old. Any reason on why it would do this? i understand the that both sides must have equal resistance correct?

I just connect and disconnect my main pack to power on and off my board, there’s a pretty big spark but nothing i’m not used to with other HV stuff i do, i just use a toothpick to spread out the xt60 pins every so often and it’s not a problem

All those big sparks would make your connectors wear out faster though which is fine, just need to replace it more often.

If you plug the connector in slightly skewed so as to bias the side that sparks it’ll last basically forever