Are any parts cheaper in US over EU?

I’ve got a trip to the US coming up in a few months and was wondering what parts are cheaper over there and worth bringing back. I was thinking of a getting a pair of TB 218mm trucks as shipping is cheaper.

Anything else worth thinking about?

Pretty much everything is cheaper in the US if comparing to Europe. Motors, mounts, trucks, wheels… anything you think of!Though cells are not, is the cheapest place to get those.


decks and wheels are a lot cheaper over there as well

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Most things are cheaper in the states. Especially things that only ships from the states like the TB 218 you mentioned. Or Psychotillers sixshooter. Def. worth bringing back if thats what you are looking at. Customs often kills you :slight_smile:

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These would be a good buy to bring back (cough cough or couple of sets cough cough one for me lol)