Are c clips on the motor shaft necessary?

So to solve a mounting issue I ripped off the c clip on my sk3 6474’s shaft. Like most idiots I wondered if it was any use after taking it off. Is it ok to ride without it?

Just did some searching and from reading a few other forums I’d say best to have them on there really, there’s a chance of the shaft moving and/or bell coming off (not nearly as likely for our application but was reading on quad forum where people had removed c-clips and left them off). Pretty sure there are a couple of grub screws in the motor body that hold the rotor/can to the shaft but the c-clips help avoid it sliding whereas the grub screws I think are primary to help avoid the shaft spinning free from the outside can that’s actually being driven (can has magnets on it and shaft/can spin on outrunner motors but not mounting plate).


Ahhh gotcha!

The c-clips (otherwise know as “snap rings” or “retaining rings”) keep the motor can (what spins) and shaft assembly from sliding off and away from the stator.

While the magnetic reluctance of the stator offers a significant retaining force, it doesn’t prevent the can from sliding completely during use and with enough force the can will come off.

There are plenty of replacements available on ebay, just use a caliper to make sure you get the right one.

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I’ve run without retaining clips before, and it works but can cause wear and noise as the can/shaft assembly slides back and forth slightly relative to the housing/stator assembly.

Made a racket, but didn’t break anything immediately. I eventually bough a snap ring kit on Amazon and replaced the missing one anyway.

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If you can carve out a notch in the motor mount to accept the clip…you don’t need it but it’s better long-term

In short, no. Not required so long as you have a way to retain the shaft like a spacer between the bearing and the pulley.


I don’t know why you would want to do this, except if you were to make the argument that the groove for the snap ring weakens the shaft and replace it with a shaft without a groove. Makes sense then. Otherwise, just use the snap ring.

If it’s a strength issue then get a solid shaft and add a collar with a setscrew to replace it


I had the issue of a moving shaft, but I solved it just by glueing the motor pulley, using green Loctite equivalent. Actually I also solved the issue of a moving motor pulley…Loctite for me is a must…Just be careful when glueing, do not press too much the pulley against de motor washer or the bearing, cause you could have a problem later. To remove the pulley, use a torch or a strong hot gun (less than a unite usually), and just pull it out with a screwdriver. Hope it helps…

Hey guys thanks so much for the help. I’ve decided to remount the C clip and add a washer above to mount it, just to be safe.

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