Are Diyeboard Batteries any good?

I’m building a jet spud build with dual Vesc’s and 190kv sensored motors and all I need is a battery and enclosure.

To save a little money I though of going with (Chinese company) batteries with bms for 160 to 220$ with charger.

I’ve heard good things about these, specifically the 10s5p 11ah and 10s3p 6.6ah.

Or is is there a better diy choice? Maybe site to buy genuine cells.

They are definetly not the best of cells no, cant give any spesifics because I havent gotten my kit yet, but the cells are probably quite cheap.

If you wqnt to put in a little extra time and effort i suggest, and looking at the Samsung Q30 cells. You will need an enclosure and BMS though, but Im sure someone here can help with that!

I think they are fine for the kits they sell , my hub and belt 10s5p’s are bearable but I won’t use anything higher spec with them.

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If you are stateside I recommend IMRbatteries over nkon… nkon looks nice up from but rapes u in shipping… IMR is the cheapest I have found in the states and shipping is fast (I ordered from them and realized when I got the cells the next day they were located 5 miles from my house so now I pick up my cells in person)

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