Are liftboards any good? im looking for my roomate

Good morning everyone. So I was browsing my local marketplace on FB and noticed this board here. I have contacted the guy who owns it and he pretty much said its hardly ever been used. However I have looked on Walmart who sells these and they complain about the quality to some bit…I am mainly looking for my roommate who wants a non DIY board. I thought for 225 it cant be a bad deal but I wanted to double check with the community first. see what your guy’s thoughts are on is the link for the board in question. if you have a better recommendation for the price let me know.

Tell your friend to spend a few extra bucks.

I think Meepo has good reviews and seems like a very good deal.


I wish he could but he only works 2 or 3 days out of the week. i could DIY him a board but it would be with the cheapest kit possible which is an option. i thought this would be a better option sense his income is horrible atm.

I bought one refurbished on ebay for like $100. Even at that price I regret buying. Has a lot of issues. Technically it works and is rideable but it’s not very fun and probably not reliable. I had a belt wear out after like 2 rides.

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Not sure if this deal is still going on but:

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this is deffently an option. I have 250 for him but I couldn’t seem to find this at all on there site.

I’m pretty positive the ownboard kit is $250 if he can find a deck Screenshot_20190325-214233_Chrome

does the ownboard kit come with an ESC as well? I can make him a battery pack I’m like 90% positive I can…or I can buy one on flea bay

Yes it does

Everything but a deck

Do not buy the liftboard, such bad quality, and the wheels on it are shyt. The wheels are so slippery and I ate it on it. My first board was a liftboard and it was horrible, had to contact the manufacturers every week or so for new problems. He will regret buying it. Let him go for the meepo, or Ownboard. Such better quality

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found the kit. thanks for the link! will totally look into this for him and myself as a temp board for me. <3