Are MBS Wheels good?

Hello! I was wondering what you guys think about the MBS all terrain wheels (100 mm). I know some people had problems with them in the past and since here in EU they are like 80-90 euros, I wanted to hear an owners oppinion first before throwing my cash away

They’re okay once u break them in… initial riding will feel bumpy


I use them on both my eskate and non-powered skate


Agree with @Holyman92, they are quite uncomfortable in the beginning. However when they are worn down they are really grippy and feel great.

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I love them. I’ve had 6 pairs with little to no issues.



Thank you guys! I’ll definitely buy a set (black). Since I live in a city with a bunch of cracks MBS wheels sounds awesome for me

I am not a fan, they fell like crap when they are new. Once they are broken in they ride pretty good but bu then they aren’t great for dirt or gravel.



Mine are worn weird because I’m a fat ass and keep bending the axles on my TB trucks



These are my wheels I love it, are very fast and comfortable.

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I bought a set and returned them for abec 107s right away. They were so wobbly! I get it, they are for skateboards not high speed vehicles, but they felt a little toy-like in comparison to the abecs.


MBS on caliber II vs Abec 107mm on evolve trucks. No comparison. Abecs are amazing. I will try to shave down the MBS and see if that makes them feel better but I exclusively ride street. But huge price difference.

I don’t have ABECs to compare them with but they are better than the clones I have. I shaved mine but to tell you the truth did not see much of a difference 20180724_200729

…hummmm… @Holyman92, is probable you are not a goofy foot (you a regular)? If you are indeed a regular, you are riding with your left foot at front and that’s causing your (rear-right) pulley wheel to wear down. Instead, you should ride with your right foot at front (and your back against the rear-right pulley wheel) to avoid wearing the MBS.


Oh no… it’s the axles lol… I’m 215lbs and 6’… I have had to bend the axles straight twice now


i do ride left foot forward and thats how i have ridden since i was 10 haha… used to skate Popsicle’s after school at local parks all the time (no hills in texas to do any DH stuff

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Aaaa OK. You a big dude. :smile: But regular foot also contribute to wear down that right pulley wheel.

yea im a pretty solid guy… i need to start working out again to get tone… right now i got tht warehouse worker strongman build

That’s one of the reasons (me goofy) for the rear-right position of the Tacon Bigfoot under my Pintail…


im only riding 1 motor because i trashed my 2nd motor with the maiden ride of my 1st boiard and havent bought a replacement… ill be buying 2 6380’s in a few days and psycho mounts for SR’s

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image ???

the motors im buying are from TB but APS is going to be making my custom 6384’s for my delta/wye switch deck

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