Are mismatching pulley widths okay?

Im planning to build a dual drive board and have 3d printed wheel pulleys that are for 9mm belts. Im also planning on buying some motor pulleys on ebay and they all seem to be 16mm wide.

Will I have to worry about belt slipping or truck space (standard caliber ii’s)?

Nope, no problem as long as you use 9mm belts, it’ll just look funny.

@jinra We were supposed to meet today!! Bummed that i couldnt get those pulleys from you but I probably just gonna go ahead and order some from ebay

Yea sorry man! Last minute trip to Sydney… If you want I can hand them to you when I get back next week.

Lol good excuse

Seriously :laughing: I flew out the same day I was asked to go!

Work comes first lol. Just dont let those drop bears get ya :laughing:

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