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Are my bullet connectors soldered on backwards? (Embarrassingly solved)

At the risk of asking an absolutely ridiculous question, could someone verify whether the bullet connectors on my VESC are soldered on backwards? Alternately, if this is the preferred way of soldering the connector on, how should this be connected to my motor phase wires?

I was expecting to solder the bullet connectors on so that I could easily plug the connectors into each other.

Thank you for the help, guys!

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are those 4.4mm? I think they are lol

The male side is soldered to the wires

Oh wait no. The female is on the VESC and the Male connector is sticking into the female one. You should be able to pull it out gently


Problem solved. Yes, the male connector pulled straight out of the female one – was not expecting that!

This was indeed a ridiculous question. Thank you, @XIII! I will now hold my head in shame.