Are my LiPos legal for airline travel?

Im going to south France this summer and plan on taking my custom Esk8 I live in the UK, my board uses Two 3s1p 5000mah batteries, if I put them each in their own fireproof Lipo bag and discharge them will I be okay to put them in my hand luggage? I just don’t want to be tackled to the ground before I board the plane… Or worse - have them taken off me :wink: if I contact the airline I’m flying with and get their approval I should be fine? I read that I can take liPos as long as they don’t exceed 160Wh which according to some calculations mine with 22.2v and 5000mah only go up to 111. Should I be okay?

Short answer: No

Long answer: it depends on the airline. United Airlines has recently changed their policy and electric skateboards as well as any lithium battery >99wh at max charge is not allowed under any circumstances. Also - LiPOs are a whole lot less likely to be allowed than Li-ion batteries

I spent 500$ on an airplane legal build only to have it become useless after the change of policy - don’t repeat my mistake

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My airline says it’s okay for liPos to a max of 160wh If you have a picture of your airplane legal build could I please have a look?

Did something change? AFAIK the FAA rules were <160wh packs can be carried on, out of device, with max of 2 spare batteries. They also delegate power to individual airlines if they want to allow this or not.

Even if your battery is fine with the wh, it will probably not be legal anyways: any battery carried by crew member or passenger needs to have a UN38.8 certification written on the label. Basically un38.8 is a very tough series of tests that a battery have to pass.

That’s only United.

@Jinra 10 char

Ah misread that

I’ve been flying back and fourth between Europe and US. I have 5 lion battery packs rated at around 90wh. Never had a single problem or question. Just double check your airlines requirements. I am not sure about LIPOS, but when it comes to lion packs…a lot of airlines let’s you take as many packs as you want if they are for you own personal use and not for sale.

Same here I travel with my batteries and board between the US and Europe once a month and have never had a problem. I usually carry two 4s1p 71Wh batteries. For reference I fly American and BA.