Are pneumatics safer?

I have been riding my all terrain board and feel more stable at higher speeds…I have to say urethane wheels are more responsive and fun to ride however at higher speeds seen to be less stable. What are your thoughts? What do you believe are best options for responsive ride at higher speeds?



It seems this subject depends on the rider and the terrain. When I live in Cali there were more sidewalks with less holes and cracks than the street. On that terrain I used 97mm flywheels loved it. But out here in South Dakota there are hardly any sidewalks so i have to ride on the streets and there are so many cracks and holes so I have preferred pneumatics to my flywheels here easier on my legs and joints too since I’m a heavier rider

Where do pedestrians walk in south Dakota if there is few sidewalks ?

I feel like that’s a difficult question to answer. It’s easier to ride numies and not pay as much attention because you can ride over larger obstructions. That also makes it easier to get hurt, but it’s also easier to recover from a mistake.

It’s like the argument about truck widths. You will hear people say you need wide trucks for a stable deck…that’s crap. You can make an infinitely stable deck with 150mm trucks but it’s easier to make a stable deck with wide trucks as theres more room for design flaws and /or odd design elements.

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They don’t walk out here. They either ride a bike or their cars if they walk its only in the city I live right outside the city so barely any sidewalks

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I’ve ridden both and haven’t experienced a big difference in terms of stability. I personally find pneumatics much safer because of large gravel on bike lanes. Urethane wheels don’t always roll over stones and have the potential of stopping your board and shooting you into the traffic right beside you… one close call with that was enough for me!

pneumatics tend to be unbalanced/wobble. That said , not a single road suitable for urethane here.

What are you guys running in terms of pneumatic? I are running 200mm at about 40 psi and find them stable and predictable also running wide truck axle and 6374’s dual motors.

i was also curious too what speeds to people ride pneumatics at? are they safe at higher speeds? can let say 6 shooters or the trampa urban carver handle 40+mph?

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I am running a maple layered up broad real stiff and my trucks are nice and stiff… they are not standard they are older made by Ground Industries never get speed wobble…however only go about 32 mph.

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I think @ksfacinelli has it right with tire pressure, as not to max out psi/bar where you’ll end up getting more tire wobble. Also would get better traction but less distance.

I run my 6 shooters at 45 psi, I’ve had then up to 33mph for more than a min and they were stable.

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I think a little wheel balancing goes a long way. I use a few of those stick on 1/8oz. wheel weights opposite the valve stem and it smooths things out considerably. I would like to try the balancing beads, but I also want slime for flat prevention and the two don’t mix.

I’m currently running Trampa 6.5" tires with superstar hubs at 70psi. I don’t have any wobble or similar problems, but I also don’t go over 40 km/h (25mph). I also don’t do offroad, just rough pavement.

I’m running the LaCroix DDS60 board on MBS Matrix II trucks with yellow bushings in the front and orange in the rear at the loosest setting. The DSS60 runs on MBS rockstar II wheels and Innova 7" (179mm) wheelchair tires - not the laser cut perfect shape let’s say. I’ve been running them close to 50PSI(recommended 36, I might go back to 40 the ride is a little rough) for the past 20 days that I had the board. Clocked in 300km (184miles) as of yesterday, and also yesterday I beat my top speed record with 53.2km/h (33.06 MPH). Before my record breaking trip yesterday I tried adding some tire beads in the tubes and while I didn’t do any exact measurements it certainly helps a lot from 30km/h +. I don’t consider myself a speed junkie, I was surprised when I pulled out the app and saw 53km/h. The beads definitely help. And on the general topic of pneumatics. In Montreal, I would be scared to run anything else, our streets are full with cracks and craters, even when there’s no cracks, pavement is very rough.