Are the kits from good quality?

Specifically this kit:

I already have a diy single belt drive board of my own, but I’m looking for a backup to keep in the trunk of my car. I know this obviously won’t be as good as a true DIY board, but I’m not really looking for high speeds, just a slow cruiser to get around campus and downtown for photography.

I plan to get the but i am going to get an ebay version (same thing diff seller)

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It won’t be high quality but it will be fine, looks like the meepo board parts

They actually have a $400 kit with the exact meepo parts, this one just seemed to have a better battery than the meepo GOOD Batteries

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You can also buy everything seperate which will be cheaper but you need to solder and… so yeah, this kit is a easy and fast way to make esk8.

I’ve actually looked at those batteries, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit them in the enclosure. Do you have experience with them?

Only the shipping for the ebay battery is 134 $ to Belgium… really sucks Btw the enclosure looks like this one from ebay: The max height of the batteries can be 52mm so you can check if the ebay battery pack will fit.

Well that’s the way I went with my first board, but yeah I’m just looking for something I can plug-n-play into another deck.

My first is a GREAT board, but after all the research and soldering and waiting for parts, the thought of going through all of it again is exhausting haha. The biggest draw of this kit is that all the electronics are preassembled and I can start building right away

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I would not call those good batteries, they are rather usable batteries

Well, more usable than the meepos lol

Also one question I had, if the motor part of all the wheels are the same size, does that mean that a smaller wheel would have a lower top speed with a rougher ride, but have better torque?

I used to think the biggest hub motor you could get was the best, but if it’s not the actual motor itself that’s bigger…

Yep, exactly…if you have the same motor core and different urethane diameter around it…

For example: 6050 75kv Hub Motor inside a 80mm wheel would give you around 37kph with 10s battery… 6050 75kv Hub motor inside a 97mm wheel would give you around 45kph with 10s battery…and also smoother ride with thicker urethane…

If one were to add a thicker urethane onto a given hub motor, does that require a change of vesc settings?