Are the way my wires routed going to cause me issues?

As the title suggests, I’m a bit concerned that the way my wires are resting against my mounts will be an issue over time with the vibration. Will the vibration cause wear and tear? This seems like the best possible way to attach the motors for the rear mount angle I need. This is my first belt drive board so any tips are appreciated!

IMG_20190114_000656 IMG_20190114_000744

You can have the wires pointing upward towards the deck 20181223_143649

I use shrink tube, first a bigger one that runs from my vesc (closer to the board), you can shape it easily and they are pretty sturdy, also like the clean look, then i shrink tape of all the motor wires (abs over current fault can occur if you get a loose wire). You could manage to put the big shrink tube first, then shrink it with a hot gun, torch, etc. After put a loose one over it, to manage it for the last after you shrink each tube of the motor wires separately, then use the one is left to go through the place you want. I did it, han no issues at all. Hope its helps (remember shrink tube after heating, shaping , cooling, get strong enough and gets les manageable).

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Yeah i’d spin those motors. That bolt will nibble away at that cabling quick smart. Get it mounted up on the deck and then play around with it.

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