Are there any RKP trucks with rake suitable for esk8 out there?

I’m bored of the Calibers and Paris traditional trucks, I wonder what is everyone using these days?

Dude you and me both!!.. I think I might mill down me some arsenal they are at least square, too bad Bennett vectors are only 6inch could be fun…Bolzen are super raky too, love those…for rake…

Oh dude Done Trip would be perfect, tons of rake but costly and still needs mods…adjustable baseplates too…Dan has been talkd too about eskates, everyone email Dont Trip and tell Dan to make a motor mount for his trucks…


I don’t understand the Title.

Sorry, I just corrected the title.


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I’d be happy with just an adjustable base plate for my caliper hanger.

That would be any randal (35, 45 whatever and whatever) and Caliber 50 and 44 and paris 45 and whatever and so on there’s a giant list of selectable angles at least lol then wedges yo fine tune the degree here or there…its possible I do itimage-20180610_102209

Are those Avenue trucks?

Can’t believe no one has said Ronin yet…I’ve just recently picked up a set of cronins 180mm (had to buy them from sick bards in Europe). Not on my esk8…yet, but riding them on my push board most weekends and they awesome! I’ve really only experienced caliber and Paris trucks (and independent when I was a kid) but they are miles smoother and carve harder yet somehow remain more stable on center than both Paris or caliber.

@adam0311 have you got issues with the CRonins rattling, I had too many issues with that in the past with them, the second issue with Ronins is the hanger length, fitting 15mm belts on them is almost impossible, they just need 5mm more of axle length and they would be perfect.

Surf rodz rkp are raked @psychotiller makes mounts


I’d like to mount the motors in forward position in a Moonshine Sidekick, I’m not sure if @psychotiller allows this on their mounts, I think they are only reverse mount.

No they are more suited to mount forward you can mount them in reverse but dont get as much clearance for motors, iv not long got a set just waiting for some 10mm bearings haven’t had a chance to try yet but look really nice and the psychotiller mounts are solid.

Has anyone mounted 176mm Surfrodz with dual 6355s?

What axle size did you get 50, 60 or 70mm?

Are you happy with 45°, I’m looking for stability in a short deck.

Surfrodz offer different bushing combos:

Barrels Cone/barrels Cones Short Cone/Barrel (grind setup)

And bushing durometer from soft to hard.

Way too many options for a virging like in the Surfrodz world.

Haven’t seen anyone try rogues but I might get a set to see how close the old enertion mounts are to fitting.


TBH, my Calibers with DIY insert bushings is the most lively set of trucks I own. I say that owning several sets of precisions, from Paris Savants to Surfrodz Indeesz Grindz with adjustable baseplates. The moment I think as much as leaning, they begin turning immediately. Rake makes it so that your initial lean input is neutered until you reach a certain point of lean force. 3mm of rake (as found on Paris/Randal) is as far as you will ever want to go. Any more, and the dive is too aggressive for stable riding. Even Ronin learned their lesson and discontinued their 7mm Cast Ronin trucks. Now their updated cast trucks have been reduced to 2.5mm of rake.

I find my Ronin billets awesome, my roads are rough as. Gone with Riptide Kranks and pivots. Awesome. I found the stock bushings to be a bit wooden-to-too high in rebound. Only time I found they rattled is when the Kingpin wasn’t tight enough or I hadn’t tightened the truck hardware up enough.

I have a set of Rogue cast enroute atm, should arrive tomorrow with a Rayne Darkside. 186mm width, 48 degrees, 2mm rake & takes tall barrels with a bushing insert. Did I mention a square profile?

I’m hopping I like them.

Image result for rogue cast trucks


I like the look of those.

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I’ve not had rattling issues with cronins, in truth I’ve only had them a few months. @marcmt88 makes mounts and has been able to squeeze dual 6355 motors on the 180mm cronins. I’ve been thinking about trying them out on my new deck. Btw, the Moonshine Sidekick looks awesome, thought hard about picking one up, let us know how it feels as an esk8.