Are there DIY remote options for hobbywing esc

I’m currently working on a rebuild of the hobbywing lcd controller to make a controller better suited for my big hands. it’s pretty doable but I don’t want to be constrained that much by the pcb layout of the original controller.

The main question: Are there any arduino or stm based options to control hobbywing esc’s other than the original hobbywing

Negative shipmate. They are only for themselves. Selfish bastards. :joy:

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damn :frowning:

Well I guess if your using the guts of it you can print whatever you want. Or get creative with something else… Make it yours. Lol

I’m already planning to replace the hall sensor on a spare controller with a controller joystick (restricted in one axis) to make it easier to change the location of it.

same with extra dip switches, I even could use the dip switch in the joystick to reduce the amount of buttons to work into the body. The addition of an extra dead mans switch is also an option I’m lookin into.

Are there other options on remotes that you would recommend looking into?

Nope. You sound pretty smart. :metal:

One month later and it turned out pretty well imo. Includes an extra dead mans switch and a controller joystick modified for the speed control. Acrylic in front of the screen and some slight waterproofing.

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Yooo that’s a cool remote! Sometimes I wish Backfire’s remotes are usable on boards that don’t use hobbywing ESCs. The hole in the remote looks a bit ergonomic.

Lol that’s funny

Personally I don’t really like the idea of deadmans switch failing, causing me to lose brakes, causing me to be a dead man. No fano


I’ve used one one time never again. Same thing, dead man switches kill

What do you exactly Mean with that?

I don’t really know what else there is to explain haha

If the deadmans switch fails and you can’t activate brakes, or accelerate out of a situation, it’s a bad time.

Mine works in the opposite way, you release the switch and it stops accelerating.

The voltage to the dataping is slowly dropped over 6-8seconds with the use of An RC circuit causing it to first decrease accelerating and gradually start to apply the brakes. Switch not pressed = braking