Are these 18650 alright to build a battery out of?

Saw this on Ebay:

Would 2 of these setup as 10s4p work? Or are these no where near as good as 25r’s?


It’s a good deal on some genuine cells but the discharge rating is not high enough for use in a 10S4P battery. Max rating is 10A per cell and at that current voltage sag is significant. The cells don’t look like they are tracking well either which means a greater likelihood of cell drift.

Unless you were going with a 6P battery more I wouldn’t recommend them, the cheapest cell to use imo is the 25R.

Thanks! Appreciate the quick response. I canceled my order…

The minimum I’d recommend for continuous battery discharge is 80A, though the higher the better.

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wow that is really cheap!!

looks like an old hoverboard battery with the heatshrink removed, still really cheap!

it depends what you are building, but for sure not for a high power custom.