Are these good lithium ion cells?

Are these legit? If so are they any good?

Also is it better to have more cells that have less amps per cell. Or more amps per cell, while having less cells?

We just discussed those cells in this thread:

And the conclusion was: no, they are not good cells, and apart from that 11$/cell is way too expensive. Go with 18650 cells. You get better energy/weight and energy/size, and about same power/$ and energy/$ even if you go for the expensive 30Q cells.

Alright I’ll defiantly check out the post, I was leaning toward some lg he2 cells, which I’ve heard great things about.

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We discussed those too :wink:. I wanted to use HE2 too but will go for 30Q instead.

Actually those are even worse than the ones we discussed in the thread. Don’t buy the 5000mAh ones. The 4500mAh Basens are good, just not as good as some of the 18650s. The 5000mAh is much worse, which is why we don’t carry them at liionwholesale.


Hmm good to know… Yeah I now plan on buying/making a 8s3p or 10s3p with those samsung 30q you guys carry :slight_smile:

Best rule of thumb: Don’t ever buy your Li-ion cells on eBay, period… Why, because you could easlily wind up with counterfeit fakes that could in worst case scenario, turn your project into a bon fire. Always buy lithium cells from a reputable retailer.


Is the homie at liionwholesale goochi ?

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