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Are these HUB MOTORS any good?

Guys has anyone tried these hub motors ? Are they any good ? They come with both esc’s aswell as remote controller. ESC’s are 6s which is what I need for a battery that I can take on a plane.
Seems like a good deal and I consider buying them. But I am just curious if they are ok.

here is a video of these in action:

10amp esc? Nope!
Battery on a plane? Nope!

Sorry can’t bring lithium on planes anymore :frowning:
And the esc is prob no good. You’re better off buying hubs from @hummie

Little more money. Quality should be far better.

The ESC’s are 100amps, supposedly. I believe @torqueboards has a set of these hub motors.

I think they would be ok…it only 6s max for these … I’ve use 80amp max on esc running 6s no problem … Prob suck a 5000mah lipo dry in half the time lol

Oh I got 10 amps from the description on the Instagram post

These need a specific set of trucks… The hub motors have thicker thane than the front wheels which I didn’t like too much.

I may possibly have a hub motor soon depending on how it works after testing… We’ll see.

What kind of truck do they need?

Anyone have a review of this product

The truck is lathed so you can buy it like that unless you bought it together.

Oh so it comes with one truck or both? How’s the quality of the hubs and the esc? Good on speed? ,torque? Would you recommend it?

I’d probably wait but I haven’t tested them… I didn’t like how the wheels on the back/front were different sized threads.

Back is like wheel is maybe 65mm (guess) and the front would be the standard 52mm.

Yea that is pretty unsightly. I have some hubs coming in but I’d like to find a low cost alternative