Are these mythical creatures?

So I have a 245kv motor that I dont want to waste. I happen to have an extra 3s lipo and wanna go to 9s on my vesc from 6s ona 15:36 ratio, 83mmm wheels to get torque.

Now chaka in his post (pic) states that 9s on 245 kv is around ideal (as other combos of kv to S).

Mythical creatures:

  1. 245kv with 9s -did anyone ride one?
  2. 60000 erpm limit - will this defs prevents vesc damage and has anyone done this

Sorry for the long post, heres a jet potato

245kv at 9s does put you over the ERPM limit. I have heard that you can limit the erpm in the bldc tool to protect the vesc but I haven’t personally tried it so I can’t say for sure

I’ve been riding 240kv on 10S for several months using the ERPM limit in the bldc tool without a problem

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Awesome, thx a milion

I have 245kv on 8s. nothing special. 10s 200kv is better on hills.