Are these Samsung 30Q price too good to be? $2.50 per cell on Ebay plus free shipping

Normally I would be skeptical too but the seller has excellent reviews and 26/27 are positive reviews on these batteries.

Have you truly looked at the seller’s feedback??

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So buy em…test em…file a claim…keep em for a future project #freeshitcells

I’m not trying to defend the seller or saying he’s legit or that you guys should buy anything from him. But I challenge you to find any Ebay seller with more than 7000 sales that doesn’t have a few negative feedbacks. A 99% positive rating like his is worth looking into. Sometimes buyers do receive factory defects that the sellers aren’t aware of. Sometimes negative feedbacks are due to user ignorance.

The issue is that the negative feedback all looks like it’s about the 30q’s

Also in the description it says it has a test capacity of 2600mah - 2700mah which is not right for a 30q

Also nowhere in the description does mention it’s 30q which is suspicious

I agree, it’s suspicious that he didn’t include Samsung in the description. The ones in the pictures are Samsung though. The feedback that I’m seeing for this item specifically is all positive except one.

Anyway, I bought a few, no big loss if they turn out to be fake.

Just remember this might happen if you put them in a board


How did that happen?

Yikes, sorry that happened to you. Can you provide more details as to why that happened? Did it catch fire doing operation or during charging? What kind of batteries are they?

@mojoo999 @ZackoryCramer

Make sure you have a box or case that can cut oxygen very quickly :slight_smile: That’s what saved my board

Doesn’t that mean it’s airtight and a sudden expanse of pressure might cause the whole thing to explode?

@telnoi I have a pressure valve at the front of my case

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@telnoi it helped on the intial ignition and prevented the pack from catching completely on fire

They’re fake, real 30Q’s have 3 bridges on the top to the pole