Area 51 - Landyachtz Evo | 10s5p 30q | Dual FOCBOX | Carvon v4.5 Speed Drives

hey, guys just finished my 1st DIY build and have been riding it for about 5 days now. The reason behind the name is because it’s stealthy, also people think “WTF is that” when they see it just like their reaction would be if they saw some of the stuff they are supposedly hiding behind the fences in Nevada. Anyways I would like to give a huge thank you to @Jinra, @Mikenopolis, @psychotiller, and the many others I bothered in the community with my noob questions trying to fix the many issues that came up along the way. Enough rambling and onto the Specs and Pics below:

Deck - Landyachtz Evo 2017

Truck - 200mm RKP Truck Kit by SurfRodz

Wheels - ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels

Bearings - (Front) SurfRodz 10mm and (Back) Bones Swiss 8mm

Enclosure - @psychotiller Landyachtz Evo Enclosure

Battery - @psychotiller 10s5p w/ charger, display, charge only bms and mosfet switch

ESC - @Scoo_B_SK8 Enertion FOCBOX

Motor - @Exiledd_Top Carvon v4.5 Speed Drives

Remote - @Arzamenable GT2B ChoZen Remote

Pictures (that last photo I took on the 1st try with the timer on the iPhone suprised how well it came out and also that is what I wear everytime I hop on the board safety 1st :slight_smile: )







Nice build!! I’m so jealous of the v4.5 speed drives. I’m sure you can hit crazy speeds on this thing!! :+1:

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Another nice looking board.

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Awesome. Do yourself a favor and roll that board over a small speed bump just to know your clearance. That is one low ride.

Love the Evos


Damn, son! This looks amazing! Beautifully done.

I can’t wait to see it in person :sunglasses:

How exactly are your Carvon SD-R drives a version 4.5, and not simply the version 4, like all the other SD-R’s? Were any modifications made to these that has improved these over the V4’s?

Is the battery premade or did you make it? Wondering what the cells look like and how much space that 10s5p takes. :slight_smile:

those are the ones that were repaired after the epic @Exiledd_Top crash

Lol, nice.

@dg798 thanks man a lot of time went into her, I hit 35mph on Tuesday

@E1Allen thank you!!

@Mikenopolis yup went over a raised section in the sidewalk because of a tree and ended up scraping the bottom of the board :frowning:

@n8dam8 thanks bro see you soon!!

@uigiroux @Exiledd_Top probably has the best answer to that question since I purchased them from him

@lennarn I bought it from @psychotiller I highly recommend his stuff it’s quite packed inside

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ouch. yeah, speed bump check is what I always do. When I rode with the SD crew their routes always went over like 5 speed bumps, 3 of which you cannot go around. that’s why I avoided the drop through on the hummie deck and changed to 107s. feels great to be low, but that tiny limitation is annoying.


The “4.5” isnt official I dont think. But I think he means that his speed drives have the updated rubber sleeves.

I have the other “v4.5” that Exiledd_Top sold. I asked him what made it a 4.5 and his answer was