Armored hoodies and jackets, thoughts? recommendations? waste of cash and unsafe?

To be clear i’m referring to GOOD armored hoodies with kevlar exteriors so they don’t rip apart the instant they hit pavement. Like this one for $150

However speaking of sliding, I’ve been thinking a jacket may be better for very low friction on pavement, are there jackets designed specifically to slide super easily?

(i did actually repost this to the esk8 subreddit as well)

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Personally, I think that a good set of gloves and kneepads are the best bang for your buck eskating. Elbow pads if you’re gonna be going faster like 25+. That’s just me tho. If you feel like you need armored clothes for riding an eboard, maybe look into dialing your setup to be more stable or just waiting til you get better balance to go fast. I always have riden with just a helmet, although I should pick up some gloves that will work with a remote so if I fall I don’t rip up my hands.

fellow in the discord recently took a spill at 12mph and his elbow hit his board on the way down, fractured it rather badly, might lose range of motion on his arm.

i’d rather have SOME padding than not, and something really quick to put on or take off is best

@Battosaii wears similar gear maybe he can give more insight on this…:call_me_hand:t5:

Well than get some elbow and knee pads. Try to find ones that are flattened instead of rounded because a round one will roll when you hit the ground

I’m rocking these for the summer

So far so good. has elbow, shoulder and back pads. I did a few low speed falls, really eased the pain on elbows and shoulders.

I also use Mechanix m-pact gloves (good dexterity, still has some armor), and thick cargo shorts which have kept knees somewhat safe. I’d like some hip and tailbone protection, but it’s too much for mixed commute.

And helmet.

I’m looking at the hoodies, but unless the material is pretty firm, I’m worried the pads will move around a lot. The flannel shirt actually keeps things locked in pretty good. The partial kevlar is much lighter, nicer for summer. The full kevlar ones have another lining layer, heavy, sweaty.

If you get knee/elbow pads, get ones that are designed to slide.


Hmm well I wear knee/shin pads and a motor cycle jacket and a helmet. I don’t wear gloves but I fall on my padded forarms instead of my hands cause that’s how you break wrist.

As far as getting armor it’s not a good idea to discourage people from doing that @Deckoz is a more experienced skater than most people on this forum he gears up more than most but one day you will see the reason to our madness when you have to do a superman slide at 40mph with the only protection of that nice cotton shirt.

@longhairedboy wears a similar protective shirt I believe.

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BTW my motorcycle jacket offers no chest protection and I already broke a rib falling on my arm once lol

My jacket is a Bilt it’s cheap but I did upgrade the back protector to an apline star one. I like this jacket for the summer because it’s super breathable and protects your arms shoulders and back.


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@chaka has one too

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well if you have kneepads then fall on those first, then on your hands. personally I’m never really going fast enough on my eboard where I would not be able to take a step or 2 to break my fall. (my board tops out at around 25) I will say that when I do downhill skating I rarely go without kneepads and gloves, and elbow pads if its a more gnarly/fast/technical hill. it maybe be important to note that I’ve never fallen on my eboard, though I have definitely gotten some road rash and bruises in downhill crashes. lastly I’d like to say that I’m not discouraging anyone from safety gear, but in the title it did ask for peoples opinions and I just didn’t think an armored shirt would be worth my own money.

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I can understand that, well I’m crazy and I ride 40+mph at night in the city streets… Lots of us Miami guys are crazy we all ride fast we only realize that it’s not normal when get get visitors that want to ride with us haha

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r u guys all running at tires or r the roads down there just really good? also crazy expensive setups I bet lol

The elbow to the rib is a bitch ain’t it? I’m good at hitting exactly the same spot.


Most of us run 107s especially the faster boards but I do have a 6 shooter set up that I run sometimes but I do like my 107s. It’s not crazy expensive actually the Board I took to meet @longhairedboy in Orlando did 44mph on the radar gun with his son riding it down the street and it only cost me $1300 but I took my time and looked for deals.

High pitched noise was the drone.

BTW if you ever hit up Orlando head over to Winter Park they have the most amazing bike trails away from cars with super smooth roads and alot of Twisties.


u ever find the 107’s put u up too high? or do must people run drop throughs like the video? mine’s a topmount with 80mm wheels and it cost like 500 to build, but 1300 isnt as much as I was thinking actually.

It’s not bad if you can be patient and wait for deals on stuff and jumping on them as soon as you see them.

I use all kinds of decks, wheels and even pnumatics i never felt bothered by the hight sure it makes it a little harder or awkward to kick push but you really don’t want to be kick pushing much on an esk8 anyway.

I broke my shoulder, collarbone, and ribs on a nasty fall going 21 mph. Board slid from under me on a carve because I hit some debris on the side of the bike path. I was wearing a helmet and gloves for protection and luckily all jeans outfit or I’d have had road burn too.

Now I ride full armor except for butt/hip padding. I have that too but I am not that pleased with it yet for heat.



I ride like this every time now. Also before my max speed was 22mph on meepo hubs. With the torque drive on 12s I’m going 32mph.

I’m pretty sure riding this way would’ve prevented my trip to the hospital.


Kevlar shirts are good. But pads are better. And both together make amazingness happen.

  • I don’t condone Kevlar shirts or hoodies with built in pads.
  • built in pads are leathers only , otherwise you risk them moving.

What Kevlar shirts would you recommend