Armored Winter Jacket?

Hello all,

I recently moved from Texas to Southern Ontario in the great north for university, and I want to grab a new jacket for riding as a jean jacket + thin hoodie isn’t cutting it as temperatures drop. While I’m at it, I also decided to up my safety game and look for jackets with armored shoulders/elbows/maybe back.

Even though I stick to smooth paths and my board tops out at 18mph I have some upgrades planned and would like to use my board more to commute than as a recreation, so I might be taking some faster tumbles in the future. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for some inexpensive (sub-$200) jackets meant for ~0 degrees C down to -5 or -10 degrees. High-vis strips and lining are also a plus but I can break out some high-vis duct tape if need be, and to be clear, I’m not looking for body armor to wear under a winter jacket, but instead for a light winter jacket with some armor stealthily integrated. Thanks in advance.

Did some quick google-fu since I’m contemplating getting a jacket too. This one looks decent. The reviewers say it’s tolerable at 20 degrees with just a t-shirt under it, and that’s at motorcycle speeds. Should be good to even lower temperatures when you’re only going 18mph.