Asking for a refund after a custom order

Nasty? No one got nasty lol. You just lied about when you were starting three times over the course of what 20+ days. So a refund was requested. Your the one who said all your future orders will be canceled and ban people from your site.

But hey, the point was to show others even the “best sellers” you need to use PayPal goods and services, because even the best lie.

I don’t recall him having any trouble getting a full refund, he was the one who requested the custom order, correct?

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I told him my machine was going to be tied up for a while and when his order was finished with a custom heatsink he decided he didn’t want it anymore. Lets say I have a manufacture make me something custom and I bail on the deal after it has been finished. Do you really think that company will ever take another order from me?

You didn’t start. A real company would have had the order in awaiting fulfilment, which is typically a cancelable invoice.

You really have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t care if someone spends a few hours on setting up a machine to mill a single custom order. My time is of no concern to you. All that matters now is you and your friend are burning a bridge that will be around for a long time. Maybe I’m old but it was pressed on me in my youth that you never backout on custom orders. It’s like cancer to the performance market.


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@Deckoz please don’t highjack a thread to lodge an order complaint, especially one that is already resolved. Per our forum guideline:

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