(asknig for views / Recomindations) are my Dual Vesc's sutups correct?

guys would like your views / recomindations on what i’ve set for Dual vesc’s suing BLDC tool beofing testing out, are they correct or do i need to adjusct anything?

my duild is 10s3p / 36v / 60amp bms / Samsung 30Q two 190 kv motors two vesce fw 2.18

here are some pics: for master vesc config

master Motor config 1%20master%20Motor%20configs

qusiton is the Batt max 40.00A above picter repsonsible for top speed? setting it up to 40 insted of 60 will reduce top speed is that correct?

master bldc config 2%20master%20bldc%20config

master app general config 3%20master%20app%20general%20config

master app Uart config 4%20master%20app%20Uart%20config

master app Nunchuk config 5%20master%20app%20Nunchuk%20config

and for Salve:

Slave motor config 1%20Slave%20motor%20config

Slave BLDC config 2%20Slave%20BLDC%20config

Slave app gneral config 3%20Slave%20app%20gneral%20config

Slave Uart config 4%20Slave%20Uart%20config

Slave app Nunchuk config 5%20Slave%20app%20Nunchuk%20config

thank you all in advance

It will only reduce speed in hills theoretically. You will have no problems at 49 but if you want more “punch” up it to 60.

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aha!! alright, reason wanted to redusce top speed cus wanted to make jurny less exrteem XD around 20kh ( as in theory, the board setup would reach around 55kph which is 40 ish in real life according to esk8 calculature) and abit more efficent with range ( for the battary in my build ) thanks a lot man,

I would set your battery max to 30A for each vesc to be within your BMS limit of 60A total, and 20A per cell for 30Qs.

Additionally I would set your battery min to -6 to -8 on each vesc to be 4A charge per cell or a tad bit more for stronger breaking when you need it.

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oh!! great point man, for matching battaery max to 30A for both, i just rememberd I’ve read it a while back and forgot i, brilliant :+1: so battery max 30A and battery min ( -6 or -8 ) for each VES, okey got it :v:

quistion: which part / section in Motor tab i need to change 20A for per cell of the battary? thanks a lot man!!

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You don’t have to change any of the settings to 20A, just think of however many P you have multiplied by 20, then split that across your vescs for battery max (3P * 20A = 60A / 2 vescs = 30A per vesc). I hope this clears up any confusion.

If you want to be a bit more conservative since 30Q cells are really only rated for 15A (they seem to do fine up to 20A per cell though), you can do 22.5A per vesc to equal out to 45A total (3P * 15A = 45A across both vescs / 2 vescs = 22.5A per vesc batt max)


Fantastic while searching and reading Ur reply I understand now :v: Very helpful Thanks very much…

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